Sunday 29 June 2008

Acts of random humour

My grandmother quipped today over Sunday lunch and with a deadpan face -"we can't all die when people want us to, you know."

That struck me as funny.

As did a random man on the underground yesterday.

A family of four got into our carriage, some of the most unsavoury characters one might have the misfortune to meet.

Two elderly parents - badly groomed, grimacing, with hairy faces and contorted expressions. Two middle aged sisters, both with scaly eczema, eyes-brows that met in the middle, yellowed feet and fingers, stained clothes, scraps of hair and enormous bodies that took up nearly two seats each.

I was fascinated and repelled. The mother hisses under her breathe towards another character hacking away -shut bloody well up will ya?..

It was all very unpleasant. But entertaining - as long as they didn't turn on me for staring. Which I have a propensity to do.

They finally shifted, wobbled and hobbled off the train.

At which point a well groomed young man opposite my caught me eye and said -"let's hope they haven't bred."

Ah. The wry one liner.

Brings a smile to one's face.

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Becky Flash said...

Running down, one of many, to transfer from Bleecker St. 6 to Bway-Lafayette F, train that comes seldom, that late at night. As usual, it is just pulling out as we arrive en masse. I catch eyes with bespectacled man. "Always", me. "This - is Dante's ninth circle of hell", he.