Wednesday 18 January 2012


I hate CVS - there I've said it. The horrible antiseptic, cheap, plastic, artifical small assaults my nostrils and I tend to frequent my local CVS at night because it's open. And there are the outcasts, the down and outs, the blacks of the city, disenfranchised, buying junk food, cheap drink, cigarettes, a few of us buying washing powder or something utilitarian. It is no English Boots - I miss UK chemists. This is all about need. Drugs, medicine but to me it reeks of loneliness.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Yoga peeves

Ah...the practice of yoga, my balm, my saviour, my irritant, my sometimes reduce to mirth or tears... In DC - at a particular class of rocket yoga -don't ask - but yes, it is all very energetic and adrenalin fuelled - my handsome gay teacher took particular pains to ignore me. However, one glance around and he is sitting, yes, sitting on another handsome man's bottom - doing a tete a tete or bottom to bottom downward dog. Seriously? Am delighted they are getting some joy and a good stretch but slightly dumpy girls need some leverage and attention too at times!