Sunday 31 January 2010

Fun photos

I've been doing some of the African bush experience.

Yoga on the beach, meditation, mud baths, hippos and crocs (not all in the same spot clearly).

We flew in on a private plane. How damn decadent eh?


New Year...isn't it?

Happy New Year – resolutions and all…

The photo by the way is from Copenhagen - a very quiet stall myself and a colleague were running...

I got back to hot, sunny Kenya and I apologise for the mammoth silence – it wasn’t that I didn’t want to communicate but I got side tracked by work, work and more work and couldn’t face the computer again at night.

I won’t write retroactively but will start again from here.

The manager on my compound scuttled up to say hello. Perhaps more importantly to tell me my cheque had bounced actually, but let’s not fret over details. “You look different,” he said. Thinking he was going to tell me I looked more rested or well or something I waited expectantly. “You look more red,” he bellowed. “Sorry…?” “Normally you look white, now you look red,” he grinned.

Great. Not sure how to respond, I just smiled and thanked him.

I’ve also discovered why African wear their jeans so tight. I went to a market shopping, big, muddy, chaotic and cheap. You have to buy something. Of course. Racks of new jeans jump out but can one be assed trying them on in the mud. Nah.

So you pick up something you think fits. Don’t most women underestimate the size of their ass? Yup. Point made. You end up pouring yourself into something just a tad too tight. Skinny jeans were born here.

What else? It’s a bit surreal living here. Life. Not sure what it’s all about. Sometimes the lonliness feels like a big well of murky water that will drown me.

Other times I recall feeling like this wherever I lived in the world, but the distractions were more available.

Work is a bit tedious and political. Things still in limbo.

But , oh yes, my new Year’s resolution. New hobbies. Hence, tennis lessons once or twice a week. Loving it. Whacking balls hard. Thwack. Very good for the soul.

Til next time amigos