Sunday 28 June 2009

New experiences

Kundalini Yoga - weird but good. Lots of heavy deep breathing.

Vinyasa Flow yoga with tiger balm as the bearded teacher nipped behind, pulled your top up and rubbed into your lower back joints.

Getting feedback on the writing project.


Saturday 27 June 2009

Barclays in Nairobi?

I pop to Barclays on my way back from the nurse who has just given me a polio booster.

"I always wanted to go abroad and a be a nurse in Africa or Asia but I got married and had kids and my life was over" she muttered. "Now I'll never do it."

I told he she could do it when the kids left home but she looked unconvinced.

Anyway, into High Street bank Barclays I pop and stride to the customer service desk.

Part of me feels like acting in a play "My good woman, do you have a branch of your establishment in Nairobi, Kenya?" but I don't of course.

Instead I say - "Would you be able to tell me if you have a Barclays in Nairobi."

She looks at me. She's not young, not old - maybe late twenties but with a somewhat gormless stare.

" dunno. Where?"

Kenya I say again. Nairobi.

"Oh - I don't know how to find that out..." "She calls to someone else - do we 'ave a branch in ....where was it love...Nairobi? Nairobbery perhaps I intone. "Oh..we don't have a list of global branches."

For Christ sake I think.

I say - "Don't worry, I'll look it up myself on the net - can you not even give me a phone number to call..?"

Ah yes. I think two things at this point.

If the banking system is in a state of collapse, why are they employing people that can't apparently even think. Secondly, it reminded of an earlier argument I had with an employee at Abbey who wouldn't believe that Switzerland didn't have the Euro. They may be paying big bucks at the top but I suspect it's peanuts at the bottom.

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Wasted time...

God I hate wasting time and I feel as if I am wasting time all the time at the moment. I've been told that the contract has finally been approved which is great news but now - have I heard a word back. One step forward, one step backwards. So here I am in limbo again - no work, no structure, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Of course there are things to do and sort out, paperwork, jabs, packing but really - I could do it all in a week and be gone.

I know time is a luxury - so why do I feel as if there is too much of it swilling around now?

I am writing but have had feedback and need to do rewrites, I am reading a lot but that feels like dead time too sometimes, seeing friends - all of whom are busy, busy, busy and trying to relax and store up energy as I know the next move will take it out of me and then I'll be wishing I had more time again!

Thursday 4 June 2009

What's new people?

Are you interested that the Northern line has signal failures all the time?

Or that it's been hot as hell?

That I took the Thames River boat cruise to Greenwhich last week, or went to visit a friend in Chichester and we went to the beach in the UK AND IT WAS HOT AND THE SAND WAS WHITE!!!

Or that I've been sorting through boxes and giving things away to lighten my load and that I again, wait, wait, wait for a piece of paper that should change my life.

When it arrives, we shall celebrate.