Wednesday 24 June 2009

Wasted time...

God I hate wasting time and I feel as if I am wasting time all the time at the moment. I've been told that the contract has finally been approved which is great news but now - have I heard a word back. One step forward, one step backwards. So here I am in limbo again - no work, no structure, waiting, waiting, waiting.

Of course there are things to do and sort out, paperwork, jabs, packing but really - I could do it all in a week and be gone.

I know time is a luxury - so why do I feel as if there is too much of it swilling around now?

I am writing but have had feedback and need to do rewrites, I am reading a lot but that feels like dead time too sometimes, seeing friends - all of whom are busy, busy, busy and trying to relax and store up energy as I know the next move will take it out of me and then I'll be wishing I had more time again!

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