Wednesday 31 December 2008

Mother Morph?

Something is happening to me..

I find myself staying in more and watching bad British soaps.

I know what's happening to various celebrities although I do my best to avoid that kind of drivel.

I have joined in various sporting activities that were previously untried -water aerobics? Body pump.

Today topped it all though. I gategrashed a class at the gym as there wasn't much on - over 55's Prime Time Dance class.

Sad but true.

Actually I spruced up my salsa moves and sweated more than on the running machine (but that's just between you and me...)


Rock and Roll.


Sunday 21 December 2008

Boob crunch?

I may be feeling really sad and bad but some things do still amuse me greatly.

Like the fact that the credit crunch has affected the amount of plastic surgery people are having.

"More recently, a quarterly earnings statement from Mentor Corporation, a breast implant manufacturer, reported that the number of breast implants sold in the United States decreased 5 percent during the three months ending Sept. 26 over the same period last year. In the last month, two manufacturers of cosmetic medical devices have closed."

Can you imagine that - being layed off from a breast implant factory. There must be a lot of gags in that.

Bye bye big fake boobs in the credit crunch.

Thursday 18 December 2008

Broken strings

And they all snapped one by one...

I feel like a guitar

I feel like a guitar that needs to be finely and carefully tuned to sound its best.

Currently, my strings are being pulled. Taught. I think one is about to snap.

Who will restring it?

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Wise words

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." Nelson Mandela

Monday 15 December 2008

PC madness

No - I don't mean my computer.

I mean political correctness.

I applied for a job today.

On the "diversity and inclusion" form I was asked : age, gender. FINE

Then - "Do you, or have you ever, identified as transgender ?
Prefer not to say"

Prefer not to say? Well - what's the point in asking. Jeez. Then - how does one identify as transgender. Meaning, I've had a sex change, I want a sex change, I am really a man in a woman's body...

Then I was asked my sexual orientation - being heterosexual is way down the list.

Then my faith - horrah - I could at least tick Jewish. I can be a little bit cool...

Then my ethnicity - wow - that is a LONG list.

I felt tempted to hit black, lesbian, jewish with a disability.

Maybe I'd get an interview.

Thursday 11 December 2008

Whoah now...

You know the piece I wrote the BBC. It's suddenly gone viral.

It's on another blog- and that's linked to something and then so on and so on.

Now, I know that's how the web works but when you try and penetrate the media, it's hard.

When you write something and wack it off....with no great thought - and voila suddenly - you and it ...are OUT THERE. Yikes.

Random collection of emails to my personal email account :

A Buddhist monk in Switzerland -written to me 3 times - we're quite pally now.

A population control maniac telling me to be careful in sinister overtones.

Some dude who is running some huge campaign - and wants my support.

An old work colleague.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Monday 8 December 2008


So many ideas in my head but as Mark Twain said - apply fabric of trousers to top of chair - to get anything done. In my mind I have a book and a screenplay written.

Be nice if that became reality one day. Went on a screenwriting course - fun, fun, fun.

Doing it all however seems rather exhausting.

If I had a day job, I'd say I shouldn't give it up. Hah hah.

Thursday 4 December 2008


Stange week.

I wrote a piece for the BBC's Green Room

and it got more hits and comments than ever before on that site.

Madness. And the strength of feeling is potent. What a reaction. Still I can say I'd hate to be famous. Some people wrote such awful personal things about me -and they have no idea who I am or anything about me. Can you imagine if you are a public figure. Wow.

However, the chance to pose questions about society and how we make decisions and act is fabulous, provoking and fun.

Still waiting on a decision re.a job. Is it the economy? Is it me? What's happening?

Either way I feel stressed and anxious. I need to work again. I feel completely underutilised. I have started my book though. Just.

Maybe that's the answer?