Monday 27 July 2009

The joys of moving..

Of course the shippers don't turn up when they are supposed to.

And I am missing a receipt to pick up my currency, Orange can't transfer me from one department to another, no one can pick up at the airport and it's taken me a week to get the address of the B and B I am staying at when I get there..

Tuesday 21 July 2009

The paperwork never ends

Never has the printer and scanner been so well used.

I wonder if in Colonial times people just got on a boat, got off and that was that. Is the world any better or different for all out bit of paper, ID cards, contracts, visas - surely it is just a ruse to keep us busy and keep people employed.

I keep meaning to blog about things I see or hear in London but frankly, unless I write it down, it's gone, gone, gone.

The only funny thing is that I tell people I am moving to Africa and they do act like it's Joseph Conrad's time or something- a mix of fear, admiration and "you're clearly bonkers".. although some people look at the tube and sigh - lucky you.


Monday 13 July 2009

The Librarian

Yes, the contract finally arrived and I nearly died.

It said "librarian" at the top. What the f....?

I find out two days later after much chasing it is a budget issue.

It is also only for 6 months but it is a staff placement so let's see. The shipping, sorting, medical clearance, visa confusion now begins in earnest.

It is a risk, I could be here again soon if things come to an end too soon but it is also the gateway to a new world and life.

How exciting.

Will be off in a couple of weeks me thinks.


Thursday 2 July 2009

What's the true cost of photocopy paper?

I wrote this piece on the environmentalist blog

but things get confusing now because this blog is personal, not professional. However, I had to use the same log in and email as a contributor and writer for them as I couldn't be bothered setting up a new one. Perhaps silly of me.

So - I've had to untick this blog from my profile so people can't see it.

Ah - the age of google and gmail - so much for personal, professional divide.