Monday 28 September 2009


A gorgeous escape to Mombasa.

Can I go swimming where I am?

The answer : We wouldn't recommend it. Sharks...and dead bodies....and sewage.

Never mind - the pool was great.

I get back to Nairobi - chaos on the roads, an overturned truck and traffic from the airport into the city.

I get a call (bearing in mind I have no phone here except an intercom).

"Miss - your car no good. Bugger I think. It's been hit, broken into etc.


It is VERY dirty....can I clean it?

Hmmmmn yeah ok. How much? 200 shillings. No. 100. OK Missy. I clean it now."

Now that is initiative eh?


Saturday 19 September 2009


I got the car. Phew.

What with trying to not get lost and looking around, I keep driving into pot holes. Clunk clunk jaw clenching, wheel wrenching shocking drops and dips.

There are no rules at all. People stop at random in the middle of the road or at a roundabout. No joke. Or they cut you up or won't let you in or out.

I got lost, drove around two shopping malls, dropped a friend off somewhere and got totally lost again driving past some pretty dubious places...praying alternating with fk, fk -where am I ...turrets...bollx, ouch, shite -where am I? Please, please get me home in one piece without being car jacked, attacked, lost in some shanty town or the like.

Oh - not to mention that I got wheel clamped too today..

Grrrrgh. I should've paid (apparently) a few bob as they say here to some random bloke in a yellow jacket. I didn't know this and got sodding well clamped. First day in my new car. Anyway - it was remarkably easy to get it unclamped I have to say. Go pay, dude come up with a key and off you go..

Came back drenched in sweat.

Now I understand all those weird statues and talsimans people carry in cars - you need them cos road sense alone ain't any use.

Bless these new wheels of mine.


Sunday 13 September 2009



This is Africa.

That is the answer to anything that doesn't make sense.

I have given a job to girl from Zimbabwe to do some stuff at home for me when I move in. I see it as sponsorship as what I pay her will cover her school fees which she can't afford without a small job.

She is the eldest of 5. Her father died, her mum is HIV positive and she has to support her family from here. She's the niece of a friend of a friend. We met yesterday - she is a baby - 20 years old yet her dark eyes were full of the sorrow and desperation of those that have seen too much.

Whilst I am here and am able, I will help her. She is one of many that need help but helping this girl will help a whole generation in Zimbabwe.

The world is injust.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Getting there..

Apart from working my socks off at the moment, I have purchased a hand man bed to my specs, am having a sofa designed, my stuff from the UK is hopefully still safe at sea on the ocean, I have an oven, a fridge and washing machine. Life's essential. Oh and a TV. Soon I will move in...

Just spent two hours dancing in N's kitchen. We all needed to let off some steam - nothing like going crazy in the kitchen in your jim jams eh?

What else...hmmmmmnn - still on the search for some wheels.

Amused at office intrigues - the usual array of misfits and politicos. Me - I keep my head down and do the job. For now..


Monday 7 September 2009