Sunday 21 September 2008

On the move ...

Am off to Spain for ten days to the mountains and then down to the coast. I have packed an array of walking boots and sensible things as well as some pretty frocks -one never knows does one?

I get back for 4 days and then head to the states - maybe that'll be my next home.

It would be good to feel settled once again.

However, I suspect some souls never quite feel settled - it's part of the divine discontent.

Divine because one constantly seeks, discontented- because it's never quite enough.

Enough for a Sunday morning - need to go and turn my thoughts to the mundane - like switching kettles off at the wall etc.

Ciao ciao. xxx

Thursday 18 September 2008

Strange jobs ....

I'm not even sure what this bloke does.

He was friendly enough tho'!


It seems JoJo lost her Mojo for a bit - hence the lack of news.

Check out the picture here. Where do you think it is? Costa Del Sol, Nice, Rimini...nah...


What good the salty sea air does one..

And when the sun shines in the UK, it's ok.