Monday 15 December 2008

PC madness

No - I don't mean my computer.

I mean political correctness.

I applied for a job today.

On the "diversity and inclusion" form I was asked : age, gender. FINE

Then - "Do you, or have you ever, identified as transgender ?
Prefer not to say"

Prefer not to say? Well - what's the point in asking. Jeez. Then - how does one identify as transgender. Meaning, I've had a sex change, I want a sex change, I am really a man in a woman's body...

Then I was asked my sexual orientation - being heterosexual is way down the list.

Then my faith - horrah - I could at least tick Jewish. I can be a little bit cool...

Then my ethnicity - wow - that is a LONG list.

I felt tempted to hit black, lesbian, jewish with a disability.

Maybe I'd get an interview.

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Emma said...

I remember looking at applying to a writing course somewhere in the US... and then I saw the list of check boxes for identifying various types of diversity... and I knew that "white female" had no chance of being accepted. It's a fine line I think... I'm all for encouraging and helping disadvantaged people but at the same time, my own race/gender/sexuality/whatever shouldn't put me at a disadvantage either, should it? That just seems like changing what's being discriminated against, rather than actually removing discrimination.