Thursday 19 June 2008 easy is this?

And absolutely terrifying - or of course wonderfully liberating - that anyone can somehow get a presence on the internet. I haven't even thought what this is about or whom it will be for. Should I? Does everything in life need a purpose? We can discuss this later I guess.

OK- well I guess by nature,this blog is egotistical. So this blog is about Jo. Or JoJo to some friends. Benny to others.

Who is it for? My new age cult following. Hah hah. No one will read this anyway so really, I can write whatever twaddle I want.

This has been a difficult year so far. If one is politically correct of course, I would say it's been challenging. Yup. Whatever. Job hunting. Forever it seems. Rejections. Moving countries. Leaving friends. Trying to find a new life again. I seem to make a habit of this.

Movements. Transition. How long is something in transit? Are we all by nature in transit til we reach our end point. What if we never get there?

Well, apparently I am writing a blog to keep asking questions. Wow. Exciting stuff.

However, I'd like to think, it's a bit of therapy, sharing, humour defining diary of a an early 30s soul searching lass. Who can be funny. Sometimes. X

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Emma said...

Hey welcome to the blogosphere! I look forward to reading more!