Wednesday 25 June 2008

Focus and Pace

A good friend said to me the other day that the secret to success and happiness is focus and pace.
He may be right. But then lamented the fact that for the most part he is frenetic and caught in a constant spiral of output that may or may not add up to anything.

Me. I am unfocused most of the time. When I do focus, I have moments of brilliance. But then I can't seem to control when this happens. It is as if it I need to expel a whole lot of mental and physical excess before I can settle. Exercise does help. In fact deadlines and pressure help too. Hugely. But today I haven't exercised and I don't have any deadlines. For the life of me I can't concentrate.

Which is irritating. My mind is such a grasshopper. It would be nice to be a razer sharp laser. I am sure I could achieve so much more if I spent less time ruminating and more time doing.

Which leads me in my rambling, unfocused way to.....what?

Ah yes. How to achieve focus. And how to pace oneself. Erm. Answers on a postcard please.

No seriously, I suppose it is quite obvious. Setting goals. Timelines. Not getting distracted. Being organised. Lists. Setting a routine and deciding how to spend one's time.

Quietening the monkey chatter mind as they say in Bhuddism.

Monkey chatter. I think I have a zoo of primates in my head.

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