Friday 20 June 2008


I woke up thinking about the concept of acceptance. By this I mean, where is the tipping point between saying, I accept, I stop fighting, I am at peace with myself and whatever circumstances surround me and then the other extreme -"I do not accept, I fight, I fight with my enemies ..and the devils of bureaucracy and lethargy to prevail."

Well you get the idea.

Clearly I am not the first ever person to consider all this and I have read various ideas surrounding it, but somehow, I am not any clearer.

There is a popular school of thought called acceptance through non acceptance. Yes. I know. Seems like a cop out to me.

It basically says, as far as I understand, that an elephant has to acccept it is an elephant.

And that the aim of humans should be to find their natural role (dharma) in life and stick to it. This is the basis of the spiritual path. Most people are on the path of adharma (in opposition to their natural inclinations). But you can never find and tread the path of dharma by non-acceptance of yourself.

Non-acceptance only leads to neurosis and suppression. Does prozac counter that?

Fair enough, but it still leaves me no clearer about the battles we are supposed to fight.

Do we fight for love? Do we fight for justice? Do we fight for the right job, person, place or passion because it's important, or do we just's not the right time, it'll come to me. I accept.


Like being a set of scales trying to stay level.

I best get on. More mundane concerns about bank balances concern me.

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