Tuesday 24 June 2008

Sunburn and London

A few hot days in London and I get burnt to a crisp. Everything hurts. My arms look like slightly scalded hotdogs. And my back hurts every time I move.

But that said - a lazy Sunday in Kenwood park was a very good place to be.

London is beautiful in parts. When the sun shines. And people stop moaning about the price of a loaf and filling up the car and negative equity.

You'd think we could all transcend day-to-day realities but somehow in London it gives people a feeling of solidarity and being rooted.

We moan. We placate. We cajole. We sigh. We exaggerate. We tut. And then say..but at least the sun is shining!

Brits in general are fabulous at whinging. But Londoners...a cut above the rest.

House prices
Long hours
Crap transport
Boris and his blond hair
Congestion charges
Bad schools
Hospitals/GPs...generally all manner of medical malaises
No jobs (well I can moan to my heart's content about that)
Boring jobs
Bad services

Good lord. I need to log off. It all seems terribly bad.

But the sun is good.

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Emma said...

Hey and another thing the speaker said was to be positive. :)