Wednesday 2 July 2008

Is friendship the new religion?

I just got off the phone to a good friend.

I said it would be easier to hand it all over to someone/something else as every decision I make, I wonder if I should've taken a different fork in the road.

It would be nice to say - it's all up to him /her/it up there.

What will be, will be.

Que sera, sera.

Doesn't it sound better in Spanish? Now I feel like bursting into song, a la Doris Day.

Anyway, back to the point. She said...yeah, Jo, whatever. I don't like all this religious stuff.

For me friendship is the new religion. I paused. She continued..

You believe in your friends, you turn to your friends for help, reassurance, love, companionship and debate. You have a community. It's a religion really.

Now how cool would that be. I am imagining it now. The new religion of friendship.

Here are the ten commandments :

1. In times of need, bring wine, chocolate, a box of tissues and a strong shoulder.
2. Be there to share the good times and hopefully, record it for posterity on camera
3. Do stay in touch
4. Do remind us of our good points - not the bad
5. Be there to remind us that someone does love us
6. Learn to drive and share the driving
7. Divvy up holiday and recreational booking
8. Remind us there is more to life than work
9. Do tell us if we behave like monsters...or perhaps date one..
10. Help during house moves

I'm sure there are tonnes more. I think this is a great new religion.

Kneel to the god of friendship.


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