Sunday 13 July 2008

Hot, humid and batting off mosquitoes

I'm in Delhi and good lord, is hot. Not the bright, sunny, glare in the eyes and the "where are my sunnies" kind of hot.

No, this is muggy, grey, sweat pouring down you, as you move, hot.

It's also raining..big, soggy, violent monsoon rain which leaves the open toe sandals you're wearing saggy and squelchy - and a constant feeling of damp in the air where newly washed clothes don't dry carring a damp smell.

Did I mention the mosquitoes, because they're having a ball. Not too hot, not too cold, lots of water to play in.

All kinds of flying things are in my room and they're all bigger than I recall they should be.

Mostly mosquitoes and ants.

Anyway, I did just go for a walk despite the constant friendly, if irritating drivers of small motorised tuk tuks, honking and trying to steer me elsewhere.

In fact, wherever I walked I kept being told I was going the wrong way. I won't take this as a metaphor for life.

Then I heard a big flapping noise above me and thought it was a bat or perhaps a large crow, or something equally unglamorous.

But no, right in the middle of this sprawling, dirty,busy city, a beautiful peacock arched above me and flew to the top of a large, ungracious concrete building.

And there it stayed.

Amazing. Delhi. You may just as easily encounter a mosquito as a peacock.

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