Monday 28 July 2008

I like John from Lincoln

"End of cheap flights boom as airlines raise fares in line with oil prices"

says the Times Online.

More than five million British passengers could be priced out of the budget holiday market as airlines raise their fares, bringing the era of cheap travel to an end.

Holidaymakers preparing for the traditional summer getaway this week may find that when they come to book their next break the fares have become unaffordable.

Ticket prices are expected to rise by 10 per cent this year and next as the cost of oil pushes up airline fuel bills.

And here it comes at the end of the article :

Your ticket to better value

- Be flexible with your flight dates and times. Try flying midweek rather than at weekends

- Consider booking early. You will generally get a cheaper fare

- Be flexible with your airport. Check travel costs to and from it. Flying to or from a nearby airport can save you money

- Consider alternative, but similar destinations. If you are looking for a warm coastal destination to relax by a pool check out non-euro countries such as Tunisia

- Check the one-way fares. In some cases, you can find a cheaper flight by booking two one-way destination tickets. This is usually the case for shorter breaks


All very serious isn't it....except for a few comments at the bottom of the piece which made me cry with laughter...hurrah for not being PC!

"What a wonderful if unlikely scenario. Alcohol swilling, tatooed, body pierced louts of both sexes priced out of air travel. If only, I would gladly pay a premium just to be rid of them."
John, Lincoln,

"Oh Dear! For two weeks of the year, we were relieved to see the drunken, shell-suited, tattooed brigade, chanting their football anthems and smoking their Duty Free fags, migrate to Magaluf or the Costas. So now we will have 52 weeks to 'enjoy' their company. "
John, Lincoln, UK

or this one..

Oh dear. Never mind the less well off holiday makers, what about the middle class professionals seduced by property porn programmes into believing that they can live in France etc and commute to work in the UK on EasyJet or the like? It had to end in tears, and now it will.Clive, Chichester, UK.

Nothing like saying it the way it is eh?

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