Thursday 2 October 2008

Slipping away

Everything is random isn't it?

Except as my good friend Chris said yesterday - until we decide it isn't.

So I have had two more job interviews. One I enjoyed but not sure if I can survive on the salary. One went really badly. Can't explain why - immediate clash of personalities. Contradictions. Expectations not met. Not what I thought it was, maybe I wasn't what they thought. Who knows?

It was hard - panel interviews on the phone always are.

The holiday was ok. Nothing special. It rained. Freak floods in Southern Spain - the worst in 22 years.

Of course.

Nice food and wine and good long treks - despite the kagul down to my knees.

I may post some photos if I can be bothered.

I feel like everything is a really really big effort at the moment.

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