Wednesday 29 October 2008

Blog envy?

I have a few favourite blogs I turn to for laughs, to check on friends, to see how sane or insane they are - but I am feeling something like blog or is it life envy?

I don't post pictures of my nights out and friends. I probably should. It all looks a bit mundane to me on this blog. Maybe not to others. I am no longer sure.

I don't express myself as openly as many others and certain subjects are definitely off limits for me.

This sort of defeats its purpose though as it is supposed to be a private/public forum. If I feel constrained, what's the point? The best blogs are the ones that make you slightly squirm as it feels a little like you're reading a private diary.

There is a certain level of exhibitionism in having a blog -but I don't want to tell all. Hence the dichotomy.

God almighty - why I do make everything so complicated?

1 comment:

Emma said...

OK, so the day you wrote this I was clicking through my favourite blogs, feeling despondent because by some strange coincidence they were all experiencing the same things as me but were writing about it much better than I can... and also feeling that that my blog is crap because I feel so constrained by what I can write about (especially after I hurt my brother)... and then I come to your blog and you're at it it too, writing about my feelings!