Friday 21 August 2009

The two economies

I know it's a cliche but the difference between rich and poor here is sickening.

The guards that stand all night in the cold "guarding" ie doing nothing earn between 6-9 thousand shillings a month

Just to give you an idea what that buys - I just put 100o shillings credit on my phone, my lunch costs around 4-600 hundred shillings each day, my taxi ride to work and back costs 1400 shillings each day. It's not a lot.

If the house owners are generous and kind, they give them a blanket and maybe some food. Many go hungry. Some resort to eating dog food because the dogs get treated better than they do.

They spend their lives sharing a shack in the garden, with their families miles away owning nothing but the clothes they stand in, a glass and a few bits and bobs.

They aren't valued - yet the rich can't seem to manage without them as they lock themselves away in their fortresses.

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