Saturday 8 August 2009

One week in...

Well, I have survived a week and boy there were times when I thought about grabbing a taxi and just heading to the airport and cancelling my shipment and returning...but that's not really me - I just like to enjoy the drama and think about doing these things.

It's not what I expected or hoped - but I need to readjust expectations. I am sure things will get better, but everything does feel like a struggle.

It would be nice to be able to carve a niche in the workplace - but let's see how things go. It ain't exactly straightforward.

Two funny Nairobi moments I have to share.

1. I discovered a place to do washing. Fine. I popped in and expected to be given a form to fill in or something. No, he tipped up my bag, underwear and an' all - and counted everything in there piece by piece, knicker by knicker.

Red? I was the colour of a tomato. He, however, was non plussed.

2. Yesterday I sat in a queue at an office called Host Country Services - basically visas and car stuff. An irate american guy came in blustering and shouting. However, he was pretty funny.

"I gave this paperwork in - in December 08!!!!! I can't drive without a licence. I am stuck. I need help with this - what do you guys want me to drive - a wheelchair - cos by the way it's sorted, that's what I'll need."

I cracked up. No one else did.


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