Saturday 29 August 2009

Bittersweet moments

OK firstly I wish to apologise for the lack of photos but frankly, the thought of walking around with a camera seems weird as it's not exactly a tourist haven in Nairobi and it feels voyeuristic to do this but yes, I will when I get into the flat to show people my new home.

I went to a bar on Friday with my friend N. Her kids said we looked like twins - apart from the glam outfit, lipgloss, perfume and attitude, I couldn't quite see it. 5FT 10 black, 5FT 2 white. Yeah - definitely twins.

We get to the bar and the conversation buzzes around subject areas I know nothing of. The mafia here, the corruption, stories of Mossad supported politicians who shoot criminals dead in the street, security scams, phone bugging and illegal land sales.

It's chaotic, black market, a mix of "enchufes" as they say in Spanish, - who knows who.

The conversation moves onto tribalism and the massacres of 2007 and that people expect the same again in 2012 -next elections but this time, the violence will start before and not after. I blink again. I can't think of how people accept this as the norm.

Then my friend who is from Burundi says that Africa needs to learn from the Rwandan genocide that spread. They talk more, I listen, then she says that her brother was killed in the genocide.

I have nothing to say and wish I did.

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