Tuesday 26 August 2008

Tea time.....

It seems appropriate to go from cake to tea, a loose association - but one, never the less, that works.

We had a family tea party on Sunday in honour of an aunt that had fled the UK many years back to install herself in Chicago.

Aunt Barbara (not Babs before you ask) came armed with a steely accent and pearly white teeth.

I noticed this, as I am sure this is a definite legacy from the Americas - no Brits have such whitey whites.

Tea, much cake and Jewish hubris was served.

How do you make small talk in a big loud family where nothing is ever small.

In fact, everything, including perceived grievances and injustices, are always rather large.

I digress.

We all made small talk, consoled the old, the sick, the ones in pain, greeted the young, and pretended family rifts weren't real and discussed career options for the next generation.

Should the arty ones do science? Should the scientists become doctors (Oy?!)

Should we have all become doctors?

It is amazing whom one is related to.

Somehow, tenuously, sometimes by a cousin, a thread or a marriage.

Do we all really share some invisible genetic map?

As well as tea and small talk, the important things were of course shared too.

"So and so xxxed the other day" cited my grandma over a loud car noise.

My mother - "What - she called?"

"Yes - she xxxxd."

"She died?"

"Yes - she called."

"Did she call or die?" (In an exasperated tone of voice.)

At this point, we have no idea if this old lady called or died.

I look out the window and feel an urge to giggle.

"She DIED."


And who was she, asked another relative.

The reply.

"An old lesbian."


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