Thursday 7 August 2008

To bare or not to bare?

Now I've embarked upon this thing ie. this blog, I realise I need to keep writing.

To be frank, I have a few friends that blog too, and I feel a tad disappointed when there is nothing new to read. (I just realised that the word blog is both a verb and a noun - I am such a nerd.)

Which is silly. Of course. It's not a soap opera where we all tune in and there it is - new drama 3 times a week.

Except -sometimes, my life is in fact just like that - but I digress - again.

Anyway - I really don't have that much to say except I met a friend to work-out and then, far more importantly, to gossip and catch up in the steam room and pool.

I know this is crude, but when I got back to the changing rooms, I realised --ahem --that apparently Brazilians are still very much a la mode. I had no idea. Clearly I am not fashionable enough.

I don't think I should dwell on this but I do find it weirdly fascinating - don't you think that looking like a pre-pubescent girl is a little odd?

Anyway, we then went for a cute Italian dinner - and it reminded me of Rome.

I felt sad and happy. I miss it.

What do the Romans feel about Brazilians?

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