Tuesday 24 December 2013

A year goes by so fast....

Gosh. Last time I wrote I was very sad. Now a year later, I have moved countries, changed jobs (again) and am back in Europe. People ask me regularly why I chose not to stay in the US. I had friends, I had fun, I had a very nice life. Yet, it felt singularly superficial. A friend said at one point - 'DC feels like a road to nowhere' and another likened it to Peter Pan - a city where nowhere grows up or in fact, does get older but nothing else changes. All of this may be true. It probably is.  But we make decisions based on our gut and often in the space of a minute. 'This isn't me - this can't be like this forever, it's time to shake things up again'. And so we go through the motions of detaching and moving, we land, we claw our way back in a life, set up structures and do the same things in a different location. I have yet to see a wild change in anyone from a move but I do think you can be in the 'wrong' place too  - a place where your constantly just a little out of step from everyone else.  A place where you find yourself murmuring and muttering under the breathe in a sort of judgement, a continual commentary, a running dialogue.

So  -what to say. I am trying to think of people, incidents, places from the last year that made an impression. It feels a little like a year of movement but nothing momentous. Perhaps that is to come.

New Orleans - what a wonderful, mystical, musical, creative city, full of atmosphere, life, carnival and darkness, vodoo; I want to go back.

Martin Luther King Day  - completed first part teacher training for yoga. Need to complete that. 

Thailand - CITES - wins for sharks- happy to have been part of something big and important.

 Back in Europe in the Eurobubble city of Brussels - working things out there.

Internally  - perhaps an opening of the heart. Time to push forward.

Here's to 2014 and a revisit back to my old haunt, Kenya.

Looking forward to some African warmth. 

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