Friday 8 May 2009

People and their space orbits

Flash and I were having a discussion about people - particularly men - who are chaotic and dangerous, yet charismatic and alluring.

I have to credit her with a spectacular analogy.

Men that draw you into orbit to then clunk you with a piece of space debris (read emotional baggage/f-ckwittery) from the past every so often.

For those of you that want a fuller explanation - space debris, also called space junk and space waste includes objects in orbit around Earth created by humans - that no longer serve any useful purpose.

So back to men - it is very often their orbital junk which floats along perfectly well until it collides with something delicate in its sphere.

Said woman gets a fair clunk around the head and in the heart.

Probably not explaining this very well but it all made perfect sense this morning.

I like it.


Joanna said...

all that space debris is scary


Becky Flash said...

damn gravitational pull.

i think i might have seen laika a few weeks ago.