Saturday 8 November 2008


Here is the thing. I thought friendship was a constant.

But according to a few friends of mine, I was stupid to think this.

They say that people with partners and kids have different spheres of influence. As a friend from the past, you are way down the list - or a bit like an onion - on the outer ring.

They may still care but if your life so different to theirs - there is little point of reference now.

Life priorities have changed and whereas once your were each other's constant to party with, chat to, cry with, discuss life, laugh and hang with - they don't need you now.

Is that true?

If so - it makes me sad. But perhaps I was the last one to realise this?

1 comment:

Gorilla Bananas said...

It's true. Mutual needs and shared hardships are very much a part of friendship. As any gorilla knows.